1. We are encouraging voters to return their ballots within 48 hours of receiving them.

  2. When your ballot arrives, please make sure to save the Official Return Envelope – don’t throw it away! You must use the Official Return Envelope to return your ballot.

  3. Please make sure to fill out your ballot completely, and to sign where indicated on the outside of the Official Return Envelope – your signature should closely match your signature on your Driver’s License.

  4. As far as sending your ballot back, we recommend the following:

A) Drop off your ballot at the registrar, or to drop it into one of the Ballot Drop Boxes located throughout the county. To lookup the locations closest to you, please visit:


Ballot Return Options in OC:

Ballot Drop Box Locations – Beginning October 5th:

Vote Center Locations:


Ballot Drop Off Locations:

Official Polling Places List (235):

B) You can also drop your ballot off at either of our campaign offices – we will be making daily runs to the registrar(s)

C) If you choose to mail it, we recommend that you walk it into a post office, and to use the mail slot in the wall at the post office, rather than using a blue mailbox.

D) If you are concerned about leaving your home during the pandemic, we can have one of our staffers drive to your home to pick it up, contact free.

If your ballot is received by the registrar by the Friday before the election, your vote will be included in the totals announced on election night.

 Where’s My Ballot?: