I was excited to participate in last night’s jam packed Town Hall in Vista, even though our so-called Congressman, Darrell Issa, was a no show.  In particular, even though the main topic of discussion was protecting the Affordable Care Act, I went to speak about climate and energy issues, because when we’re thinking about our health, our environment is also very important.

Darrell Issa (whom I like to call “Sneaky Darrell”) once said in regard to climate change, “… we have to make sure that when we recalibrate what’s happening, why it’s happening, how much it’s happening, we need to ensure that we get a careful relook at the figures so that we’re accurate.”

Like so many things he says, this sounds good at first, but he’s trying to sneak around dealing with the issue.  So this past holiday season, to help him, I sent a present.  It’s a book called Climate Change for Beginners.  While it’s very simple to understand and even has cartoon illustrations, it contains real science, and it leaves no doubt that manmade carbon pollution is changing our planet in very dangerous ways.

Our Tweeter-in-Chief, President Donald Trump, once tweeted that climate change is a hoax, which was created by and for the Chinese to make our manufacturing non-competitive.  And he’s selected people for key cabinet positions with an unabashed record of climate change denial.

This is serious stuff.  And to Sneaky Darrell, I urge you to actually read the book.  Clearly you’ve got the time, because you’re not responding to any of us.

Second, I went to call Sneaky Darrell out on his plan for nuclear waste at San Onofre.  Like so much of what he says, you’ve got to read the fine print.  He wants to privatize nuclear waste storage on an “interim” basis.  But in reality, when you look at the history of nuclear waste storage, interim solutions become permanent ones, like temporary trailers at schools.  Which is why we have to get this right.

The private company that stands to benefit is Waste Control Specialists out of Texas, and there’s a couple of things everyone should know about them.  They have given over 1.3 million dollars to Rick Perry, now our Secretary of Energy, to help fund his political career.  And they have been fined repeatedly for environmental violations – in Texas, that’s not easy to do.

One time, they lost radioactive waste for almost a month before it turned up dumped on a cattle ranch.  Another time, they were fined after an employee was caught releasing waste by flushing it down the toilet!

I’ve tried to speak with our Congressman about these things, but he’s evidently afraid to have a fair discussion.  If Sneaky Darrell doesn’t want to consider fair questions from people in his district with different points of view, he should not have become a member of Congress in the first place.  For this and so many other reasons, it’s time to send him into early retirement.

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