Addiction treatment can transform lives, with an enormous positive impact on society.  Towards that end, I believe that Congress must work with state and local stakeholders to ensure addiction treatment is ethical, responsible, and respectful of local residential communities.  Recovery businesses should be expected to act as good neighbors, operating in a safe, transparent, legal, and humane manner.

Unscrupulous owners should not be permitted to abuse the intent of the Fair Housing Act in order to circumnavigate the proper zoning and regulatory authority of a municipality.

Specifically, I will advocate for federal legislation to clarify the appropriate state and local roles in ensuring that residential recovery facilities are properly licensed to operate for the safety and benefit of residents.  This includes reasonable protections for residents and communities from those who have prior convictions for assault, domestic violence, or active restraining orders.  I will seek to allow local jurisdictions to place reasonable limits on businesses operating in residential-zoned neighborhoods in order to:

  • protect tenants from over-institutionalization,
  • to ensure the residential character of neighborhoods for the benefit of all who reside there, and
  • to preserve the city’s supply of long-term, permanent residential housing, which is essential for the health of all communities.

I will also support efforts by Congress to crack down on patient brokering and addiction treatment fraud, as well as eliminating deceptive search advertising for addiction treatment.  I will advocate that all business-operated residences providing services to those in treatment be licensed, and will support measures to ensure resident and community safety.
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