As Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County and Chair Emeritus of the San Diego County Democratic Party, we have observed all of the candidates running to flip the seat in Congressional District 49 for months. So many of us have worked very hard to make sure that each candidate had the opportunity to get their message to voters in San Diego and Orange Counties. Prior to his retirement, we had been very critical of the incumbent for failing to show up to meet with constituents.

It is very disturbing to us that three of the democratic candidates recently failed to show up to a long-planned candidate forum, in a seemingly coordinated effort to undermine Democratic unity. This follows a coordinated effort by Doug Applegate, Sara Jacobs and Paul Kerr to block the California Democratic Party endorsement, which would have allowed Democrats to unite behind one candidate and increased our ability to win this challenging race.

Therefore, we urge all Democrats in the 49th District to support Mike Levin with their vote, their time, and their contributions.

Mike Levin not only showed up and answered tough questions with integrity and grace, but he has built, by far, the strongest campaign. Over the past 14 months, he has mobilized hundreds of volunteers and thousands of small donors. His diligence and leadership have been rewarded with powerful endorsements from progressive organizations and Democratic leaders – most recently, the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He won 57% of the vote at the Democratic pre-endorsement caucus in the 49th District and won a majority of delegates at the California Democratic Party Convention. He has the support of grassroots party leaders and clubs.

Mike Levin is well-prepared to defeat anyone the Republicans offer. Mike is a clean energy advocate, and has worked on legislation to put California on front lines in the battle against climate change. Mike is the best candidate to represent families in this district, because Mike and his wife Chrissy, with their two young children, face the same financial pressures as do most families, when it comes to healthcare, education/student loans, mortgage, and child care.

Democrats in San Diego and Orange Counties must unite. In the interest of party unity, we are urging Applegate, Jacobs and Kerr to reconsider their candidacies.

We have known Mike Levin for many years and are confident that he is the best candidate to flip the 49th for all of us.

Finally, we offer our sincerest gratitude to Christina Prejean, who put our nation and our party ahead of political interests when she withdrew from the race. She is a remarkable woman with a great future, who has earned our deepest respect.

Fran Sdao
Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County

Francine Busby
Chair Emeritus, San Diego County Democratic Party

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