Six Takeaways from Fundraising Numbers in CA49

For immediate release 4/16/18
Contact: Parke Skelton (626) 535-9616

  1. In Q1 2018, Mike Levin out-raised all candidates in the CA49 Field – Democrats and Republicans.  In order: Mike Levin D, $326,274.  Diane Harkey R, $312,509.  Sara Jacobs D, $299,631. Kristin Gaspar R, $261,252. Doug Applegate D, $133,858. Rocky Chavez R, $103,747.  Paul Kerr D, $38,252.
  2. Mike Levin has raised far more from individual donors than any other candidates, $1,566,843.  Levin’s campaign is powered by more than 15,000 individual contributions. 
  3. Doug Applegate’s fundraising keeps getting worse.  His last 4 quarters:  Q2 2017, $281,052.  Q3 2017, $147,434.  Q4 2017, $137,279.   Q1 2018, $133,858.
  4. Sara Jacobs is largely dependent on her own money and money from other people named Jacobs – accounting for the majority of her total receipts.  Jacobs’ money doesn’t count the $250,000 her grandfather put into her SuperPAC.
  5. Paul Kerr has spent $1.61 million already – and he has self-funded $1.61 million.  
  6. Reputed Republican frontrunner Rocky Chavez raised a pathetic $103,747, and then loaned his campaign $100,000 to try to look as if he were running a real campaign.

Conclusion:  The capacity to build an individual donor base and fund the necessary communication that a successful campaign needs is a critical marker of a campaign’s organizational strength, work ethic and the appeal of its message.  Mike Levin has built the campaign that can win in June and November.

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