Though the 116th Congress won’t convene until January, Democrats are already getting to work prioritizing an issue that matters to each and every American: voting rights and campaign finance reform.

For too long, voting rights have been under attack by the GOP and corporate special interests, and it’s about time we strengthen the right to vote and reduce the influence of big money in politics.

That’s why I’m proud to stand with House Democrats in supporting H.R. 1, our first piece of legislation in 2019 that will call for establishing automatic voter registration, strengthening of the Voting Rights Act, a reversal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates for unlimited super PAC spending, and changes to how we determine redistricting so we avoid partisan gerrymandering.

My hope is that at least a few Republicans will join our call for transparency and accountability – but the more public support for these reforms, the better a chance we have at making them a reality.

Thanks for standing with me.

Mike Levin
Rep.-elect, CA-49


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