Paul’s False Claim

Mike is a lobbyist for ExxonMobil, and that he ran the lobbying department for a company (FuelCell Energy) funded by ExxonMobil.


Mike is not a lobbyist.
Mike has never been a registered lobbyist.

Mike worked for a company (FuelCell Energy). One of FuelCell Energy’s projects deployed fuel cells to destroy pollution and prevent the release of greenhouse gases at an Exxon-owned plant in Alabama. (Good thing)

Mike wasn’t even involved with the Exxon project, as his job focus was limited to the Western Region of the country.

Paul’s False Claim

Mike supports fracking, coal and oil production.


Mike opposes fracking and would vote to ban fracking.

Mike’s supports a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and his companies have pioneered the use of renewables in their respective industries.

Paul’s False Claim

Mike helped big banks foreclose on homeowners.


Mike never represented Countrywide in a foreclosure action.

Over a decade ago, Mike was employed for two years in a large law firm (Bryan Cave), doing environmental compliance work.  Bryan Cave represented Bank of America, which bought Countrywide in 2007. When the mortgage market collapsed in 2008, an unscrupulous lawyer from Los Angeles, Mitchell Roth, recruited over 2000 desperate homeowners to file frivolous lawsuits against numerous lenders (including Countrywide) claiming that because property titles in California could not be traced back to the original Spanish land grants, no mortgage was valid. Roth collected large monthly retainers from these clients and did nothing to advance the suits. Nevertheless, the suits had to be answered, and virtually every lawyer at Bryon Caves was assigned to file answers to a few of them – including Mike. Again, these answers were NOT foreclosure proceedings.

After the suits were summarily dismissed, owners who had brought the actions, were referred to loan modification to help them stay in their homes.

Roth was disbarred, fined and forced to pay $1 million in restitution to the clients. (Los Angeles Times, 8/25/10)

Incidentally, Mike’s father nearly lost his home in Irvine to Countrywide.  Mike was a co-signer on the lease and was forced to sell for a $163,000 loss.

Paul Kerr

Why would Paul Kerr send out deceptive mailers attacking Mike Levin?


Polls consistently show Paul Kerr to be in last place, and he is desperate to get some sort of attention.

Environmental Endorsements

The Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters have endorsed Clean Energy Advocate Mike Levin. Neither of those organizations would endorse an ExxonMobil lobbyist.

California League of Conservation Voters statement on Kerr deceptive mailer:

The California League of Conservation Voters strongly rejects the claims made by candidate Paul Kerr in attacking our endorsed candidate Mike Levin in CA49. Kerr is unfair and uninformed to mischaracterize Mike Levin’s exemplary work in promoting cutting edge technology to reduce carbon emissions. Providing the carbon capture technology to help clean up dirty power plants is actually a good thing. It is one of the many reasons we chose to endorse Mike Levin.

Finally, Kerr should be held accountable for misquoting the New York Times to buttress his false attack mailing. At this point, Paul Kerr has no credibility.

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