My family and I are longtime residents of South Orange County, and I have been against the Toll Road Extension since the idea was first announced. I have personally taken the time to speak in front of the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) Board, where I expressed my opposition to the Extension.

As I told the TCA Board, “I do believe that we need to mitigate traffic in the area. But I do not support any of the proposals for the Toll Road Extension. The Extension would encroach on existing communities, schools, and on protected open space. I think it’s really important that we come up with other creative solutions, particularly an expansion of public transit or perhaps arterial roads that can also help to alleviate traffic. I also want to make sure that we remain environmentally responsible and don’t impose too much harm to our local neighborhoods.”

On the other hand, my opponent has been an vocal advocate for the Toll Road Extension since her time as a Mayor of Dana Point in 2007.

We need a member of Congress who can find transportation solutions to reduce commute times and protect our environment, and not just rubber stamp a Toll Road through South Orange County. I look forward to working with community leaders to address local transportation needs without causing unnecessary harm to our communities.