OC Weekly: Diane Harkey Campaigns for Congress on Ethics Platform While Her Husband is Labeled a Swindler

Link to California Court of Appeal July 30, 2018 ruling: https://mikelevin.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/melvinv.harkey.pdf


AUGUST 2, 2018

The California Court of Appeal has affirmed a multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme judgment against the husband of Orange County Republican congressional candidate Diane Harkey, who is hoping to defeat her Democratic Party opponent, Mike Levin, in November’s general election.

Dan Harkey had urged the appellate panel to overturn the jury’s findings that he breached his fiduciary duties, committed financial elder abuse and flagrantly violated agreements with numerous investors who’d believed his fraudulent claims.

In a 25-page, July 30 ruling, justices Richard Aronson, Eileen Moore and Richard Fybel rejected Harkey’s appeal, declaring that “substantial evidence supports the jury’s and the trial court’s conclusions that he repeatedly made “illusory” statements to pitched investors.

Harkey’s wife, an ex-Dana Point mayor hoping to replace retiring Rep. Darrell Issa in Congress, is not directly implicated in the scam but is campaigning on the assertion that she aims to protect average Americans from abuse, confront corruption and advance policies erasing government regulations on business.

Levin, a 39-year-old San Juan Capistrano residence who this week won the endorsement of former President Barack Obama, is advocating an anti-Donald Trump agenda that includes accelerating sustainable energy policies, increasing public disclosure of politicians’ behind the scenes maneuverings, boosting education spending, advancing women’s rights and improving healthcare.

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dondupage · August 30, 2018 at 11:05 pm

I invested in Point Center and lost all but pennies on the dollar. This infection that has crippled our country starts right at that top and filters down through out the whole damn system. We don’t need another crook in the House, who will turn a blind eye to white collar crime. The truth is she and her husband should be sitting in a cell along with the trump family. I am mad as hell and I can’t do a damn thing except vote and hopefully there are still enough decent people in this country who can see what is happening and will vote these crooks out.

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