COUNTRYWIDE – The Real Story

The TV spot attacking Mike from our Republican opponent is false.

Mike never represented Countrywide in a foreclosure action.

Mike tried to help keep people in their homes, not foreclose on them.

Mike is no fan of Countrywide. His father almost lost his house to Countrywide.

As a young lawyer, Mike took a job at the law firm Bryan Cave LLP. One of the firm’s clients was Bank of America, who bought Countrywide. During the housing crisis, many Countrywide distressed homeowners were preyed upon by a former attorney named Mitchell Roth.

Roth convinced these homeowners that if they each paid him thousands of dollars per month, that he’d be able to lower their mortgage payments, and reduce the principal amount they owed. Unfortunately for the homeowners, Roth and his partners simply pocketed the money.

Bank of America’s firm, Bryan Cave, filed lawsuits against Roth to force him to stop fleecing the distressed homeowners. Mike Levin was a junior associate among dozens of attorneys on that team. The lawsuits successfully forced Mitchell Roth to resign from the California State Bar, and to pay $1 million in restitution to the homeowners.

LA TIMES article:

Former L.A. attorney settles charges over ‘frivolous and phony’ foreclosure relief lawsuits