As we move closer to the November 3rd General Election, our Republican opponent has started to mischaracterize Mike’s legislative accomplishments and positions on the issues.

Here are the facts:


MYTH:          “Mike wants to cut healthcare options for our veterans.”

FACT:            Mike wants to protect and strengthen healthcare options for our veterans. As Chair of a Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee, he has helped introduce 20 bipartisan bills to increase benefits for our veterans, servicemembers, and their families. Twelve have passed the House, and four have been signed into law by the President.

Our Republican opponent Brian Maryott wants to dismantle the VA and let our veterans fend for themselves within the private insurance marketplace.


MYTH:          “Mike’s voting record in Congress is that of a radical socialist and his positions are extreme.”

FACT:            Mike is a capitalist, and his voting record places him ideologically in the middle of the Democratic Caucus. According to, the most respected ideological ranking of members ranks Mike’s voting record near the center of the 232 Democratic Members in the House of Representatives.


MYTH:          “Mike has voted the same way as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 95% of the time.”

FACT:            Please see the fact listed above.


MYTH:          “Mike wants to take away your private healthcare.”

FACT:            Mike believes that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable healthcare, and that nobody should have to choose to pay for rent or groceries, instead of seeing a doctor or paying for a prescription. Mike wants to increase healthcare options, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Our Republican opponent Brian Maryott wants to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act, and with it all of the protections included in the ACA.


MYTH:          “Mike supports tax increases across all income tax brackets.”

FACT:            Mike does not support tax increases for the middle class and working families of our district. He does believe that we should roll back parts of the 2017 Republican tax law that disproportionately benefit big corporations and the ultra-wealthy.  Mike helped to lead the House effort to eliminate the $10,000 State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap so that Californians can fully deduct their state and local taxes again.

When asked about the additional taxes working Californians have to pay under the 2017 tax law, our Republican opponent Brian Maryott referred to the large tax increases as “pennies on the dollar” and said Californians shouldn’t “cry” about it.


MYTH:          “Mike voted to allow ‘criminal gang members to become US citizens.”

FACT:            Mike voted in favor of H.R. 6, to provide DREAMers (immigrants who were brought to the US as young children) who are contributing to our country and to our economy some certainty that they will be able to stay with their families in the place they call home.

That bill specifically excluded criminal gang members or anyone convicted of a felony from becoming US Citizens.

H.R. 6 also grants the Secretary of Homeland Security discretion to deny an application if, within the last 5 years, the applicant “knowingly, willfully, and voluntarily participated in offenses committed by a criminal street gang . . . with the intent to promote or further the commission of such offenses.” And no conviction is required for the Secretary to make this determination.

Some Republican Congressmembers, who oppose allowing any DREAMers to stay in the US, offered a substitute motion which would have gutted the DREAM Act, and Mike Levin voted against that motion.


MYTH:          “Mike’s extreme soft-on-crime stances have led local law enforcement groups to oppose Levin’s re-election.”

FACT:            Mike actually leads the field in law enforcement endorsements. Mike has been endorsed by the state’s largest law enforcement organization – Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), by the Carlsbad Police Officers Association, and the San Diego Police Officers Association.


MYTH:          “Mike voted to cut defense spending.”

FACT:            Mike voted for the House-passed defense authorization, final defense authorization, House-passed defense appropriations, and final defense appropriations bills. All of them increased spending above 2019 levels. Mike did not support any amendments that cut funding from these bills.

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