Mike Levin to Report Another Stellar Fundraising Quarter
Raises over $315,000 in 2018 Q1

Month-in and month-out Democrat Mike Levin continues to demonstrate that he has built the campaign that can win in CA-49.

Levin reports that he will file a fundraising total of more than $315,000 for the first quarter of 2018 (1/1/18 to 3/31/18).  This brings his total for the campaign to $1.55 million.

Levin’s campaign is one of the nation’s most successful Democratic efforts. Most impressively, Levin is funded by over 15,000 individual contributions, averaging approximately $100, from all 50 states.

No other candidate in CA-49 has come close to what Mike Levin has raised from actual Democratic donors. Two of the four Democratic candidates are primarily self-funded.

Mike’s fundraising by quarter shows a remarkable consistency:

$283,458              Q1 2017
$334,587              Q2 2017
$302,260              Q3 2017
$319,585              Q4 2017
$315,000 +          Q1 2018

“Mike Levin has the base, the enthusiasm and the troops to win the 49th and help Democrats take back Congress and put an end to the Trump fiasco,” stated Levin consultant Parke Skelton. “While others attempt to buy their way into Congress, Mike wages his campaign the right way, building an unstoppable grassroots army, one by one.”

Levin’s strength is demonstrated in the precincts as well, where hundreds of volunteers have made tens of thousands of contacts with voters over the phone and at the door.

The recognition that Mike Levin is by far the strongest and most compelling candidate explains why Democrats are flocking to his banner. Among his endorsers are the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC, Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC, National Organization for Women, California League of Conservation Voters, eight Democratic Congressmembers and many local Democratic leaders.

At the Democratic Pre-endorsement conference in CA-49, representing grassroots Democratic leaders and Democratic clubs, Levin received 57% of the endorsement vote – more than the other Democratic candidates combined.

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