Mike Levin romps in first major straw poll of hundreds of CD49 Democrats

For Immediate Release 2/21/18

‬On February 20, the first major debate involving all five of the Democratic candidates for Congress in District 49 was held. The debate was hosted by the Democratic Women of South Orange County and Canyon Democrats, and moderated by Los Angeles Times Political Reporter Christine Mai-Duc.

The room was packed with over 400 activists and concerned voters.

After the debate a straw poll was taken of attendees. 367 people voted. And Mike Levin won by a wide margin.

The results were:

Mike Levin, 173 votes​​, 47%
Doug Applegate​​, 113 votes​​, 31%
Sara Jacobs​​, 62 votes, ​​17%
Paul Kerr​​, 10 votes, ​​3%
Christina Prejean, ​9 votes​​​, 2%

Voters had an opportunity to see the candidates grapple with a wide range of issues and make the case for why they are best positioned to take on whomever the Republicans put forward. Mike Levin’s experience, dedication and the strength of his grassroots campaign clearly came through.

Levin has been waging an extensive voter contact operation for months. He has raised over $1.3 million from more than 12,000 small donors. And he has earned endorsements from important organizations (like NOW, League of Conservation Voters, Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC, Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.)

Levin has also been endorsed by eight Democratic members of Congress, including Californians Nanette Barragan, Tony Cardenas, Jimmy Gomez, Alan Lowenthal, Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman and Eric Swawell.

An inescapable consensus is rapidly emerging: Mike Levin is the best prepared and best equipped Democratic candidate in CD49.

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