Mike Levin Receives 57% Support at California Democratic Party Pre-Endorsement Caucus

For Immediate Release 1/27/18
Contact: Parke Skelton 323-253-9162

At a meeting of the Pre-Endorsement Caucus of the California Democratic Party held today in San Juan Capistrano, CD49 candidate Mike Levin received overwhelming support from the Party delegates and club representatives in the District. No other candidate was even close.

With 57% of the vote, Levin received many more votes than all of the other candidates combined.

With 107 delegates and club representatives voting, the results were as follows:

MIKE LEVIN                       61 votes               57.0%
Doug Applegate                  37 votes               34.5%
Sara Jacobs                        6 votes                 5.6%
Paul Kerr                              0 votes                 0%
Christina Prejean                0 votes                 0%
No endorsement                 3 votes                 2.8%

Levin’s showing is an extremely impressive result in a contested 5-person race. This vote is the first step towards an official California Democratic Party endorsement, which will be decided at the State Convention in late February. 

“I am so thrilled to have such strong support from Democratic activists and leaders from all parts of the 49th District,” stated Levin. “Clearly, our campaign is mobilizing the grassroots base that we will need to take back the 49th District in November. I want to thank the scores of volunteers who have helped build this effort over the last 9 months.”

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