Mike Levin Continues Powerful Grassroots Fundraising for Congressional Race

Raises $1.225 million in 2017 from over 11,000 contributions

For Immediate Release: 01/04/18
Contact: Parke Skelton 626-535-9616

Mike Levin will report another stellar fundraising quarter to end 2017. During the final quarter of 2017, Levin added over $307,000 in contributions, bringing his total since announcing his candidacy in March to $1.225 million.

Most impressively, Levin has raised the funds in a true grassroots fashion, from over 11,000 contributions from all 50 states. Levin’s accomplishment is further evidence that he is the candidate with the powerful grassroots campaign that can, finally, defeat Darrell Issa and turn the 49th Congressional District blue. In addition to his powerful fundraising, the Levin campaign has been aggressively contacting voters in the 49th District since March. Levin has mobilized hundreds of volunteer activists to knock on doors and make phone calls to tens of thousands of voters.

“Only Mike Levin is waging the relentless and targeted campaign that will be needed to send Darrell Issa back to the car alarm business,” stated Levin’s campaign consultant Parke Skelton. “The enthusiasm for Mike Levin’s campaign is extremely rare and highly inspiring.”

Levin has also secured endorsements from major grassroots Democratic organizations representing thousands of voters in the district, including the National Organization for Women (NOW), Democracy for America (DFA), and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC). Scores of significant endorsements from Democratic elected office holders at every level of government have also joined the Levin effort.
“I want to make a promise to the thousands of concerned citizens who have contributed to my campaign,” said Mike Levin. “We will defeat Darrell Issa in November, and we will deal a crushing blow to Donald Trump’s misrule. I am profoundly humbled by your support and confidence. I will not let you down.”


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