America has been the greatest force for freedom and security that the world has ever known – in no small part because we have invested in the best-trained, best-led, and best-equipped military in history.

In the heart of our district, we are fortunate to have Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, the West Coast’s premier expeditionary training base, which serves our warfighters, regional installations and commands. Camp Pendleton provides the infrastructure to enable our Navy-Marine Corps team to prepare for deployments and sustain operational readiness for global contingencies. We must continue to provide these brave men and women with the resources they need to accomplish their mission when our nation sends them into harm’s way.

In addition to always prioritizing the readiness and preparation of our military, I will seek to use our Congressional office to be part of the working team of veterans service organizations, community leaders, and business groups to address various local and regional concerns. I will hire a full-time liaison with local military experience as part of my district staff to ensure that we are tied into and supporting issues from all our service personnel and families to include reservists, military retirees, civilians that are employed in support of our military mission, and our large veteran population.

We must always protect America, defend our interests and values, support human rights, and be resolute against terrorism. To achieve these ends, I believe we must always attempt to exhaust diplomatic solutions before military engagement. I will oppose unnecessary military intervention overseas and believe we should prioritize the use of force where our own national security is at stake. I strongly believe that war must be a last resort.

I will also strongly advocate for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). The current AUMF is too broad and we cannot give President Trump a blank check to get us into unnecessary conflict without Congressional authorization.

I will support efforts to fight international and domestic terrorism without sacrificing our privacy rights or human rights, and I will oppose torture of all forms for detainees and prisoners of war in our custody.
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