My grandfather, Ted Levin, served in WWII for the U.S. Army Air Forces as a gunner with the 867th Bomb Squadron. After fighting in the Pacific air offensive, he returned home and started a small business with my grandmother. Grandpa Ted was a true patriot who earned the programs and benefits he received by virtue of his service.

Our veterans need to know their Congressional representative will fight to protect this assistance. While our region has outstanding organizations and programs to assist veterans, we are still allowing too many in need to fall through the cracks.

We must protect the V.A. against privatization efforts. The V.A. is a world-class health care provider that is set up and designed specifically to meet the needs of veterans, and we must invest in its continued improvement, and continue to fund research specifically targeted to better understand the medical issues of veterans.
We must provide more veterans with affordable housing and homeless assistance programs, including expanded HUD-VASH vouchers. No veteran should not have a place to call home, or the support of the community.

We must close the “G.I. Bill loophole,” which allows for-profit colleges to count military tuition assistance and G.I. Bill payments as private sources of funding, rather than as the government funds they actually are. By eliminating this financial motivation for recruiting those using the G.I. Bill, educational institutions would have to focus on the quality of their educational offerings and the outcomes, to include on-time graduation rates and graduates’ employability.

Finally, I believe we need a renewed federal effort to prioritize the hiring and training of veterans in the building and construction trades particularly as we consider large-scale improvements to our nation’s infrastructure.

I know my priorities, and taking care of those that sacrificed so much to serve their country and protect our freedoms can never be forgotten.
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