When President Trump tweets about “fake news” or his staff talks about “alternative facts,” I believe that it’s more important than ever to hold Washington accountable, protect the truth, and put country over party.  We are living in unprecedented times that require accountability, transparency, and a free press.

I support efforts at the state level – including in California – to require Trump to make his tax returns public or be kept off the 2020 ballot.  I also believe Trump must fully divest from his businesses and enter into a blind trust with an independent trustee.  Finally, we must get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia – before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.

I also will fight for fundamental campaign finance reform to reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics.  We must explore all reform alternatives, including a Constitutional amendment, to curtail and reverse the damage done by the 2010 Citizens United and 2014 McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions.  I also strongly support efforts that would allow states to enact their own public financing laws, as well as other measures to improve the transparency and accountability of the campaign finance system.
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