Mike Levin, Democratic candidate against Congressmember Darrell Issa in the 2018 election, released the following statement on efforts to establish an outside commission on Trump-Russia.

President Trump’s actions have left us no choice but to immediately establish an independent investigation of the Trump-Russia affair.  There is a bipartisan bill – established today with a discharge petition – to create a Trump-Russia commission that is sitting on the House floor right now.

My opponent, Darrell Issa, has attempted to brand himself a “watchdog” – it’s even the title of the book he released last year.  Issa has demanded strong Congressional oversight over any potential executive overreach from President Obama or his administration.   We must demand that Issa hold Trump to the same standard as his Democratic opponents and stop putting party over country.  If he’s truly a “watchdog” who cares about getting to the truth, Issa must express his support for the bipartisan effort to create a Trump-Russia commission.

If in Congress, I will work tirelessly to get to the truth of this matter and make the facts public.  There must be subpoenas and testimony under oath, especially of former FBI Director James Comey.  We must demand the release of all related memos, tapes and documents.  The real investigation must start now.


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