Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Workers All Endorse Mike Levin For Congress


The American Medical Association (AMA), representing 225,000 doctors, has joined the American Nurses Association and the National Union of Healthcare Workers in endorsing Mike Levin for Congress in CA49.

“Mike Levin understands the complex choices we face as we work to expand access to quality affordable healthcare,” stated Dr. Robert Hertzka, Political Director, AMA San Diego. “We trust Mike Levin to fight to protect the Affordable Care Act and then work with all parties to make it better. The ACA was an important first step; Mike Levin knows it is not the end of the road.”

The American Nurses Association (ANA-PAC), the nation’s oldest and largest and professional organization representing the interests of 4 million American nurses, has also endorsed Mike Levin. “With ongoing efforts to rollback hard won gains in our nation’s healthcare, we need Mike Levin in Congress to fight to protect patients with pre-existing conditions, to preserve and expand access to Medicare and to contain the costs of hospitalization and prescription drugs,” said Marketa Houskova, ANA-California’s Executive Director.

The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) represents service and technical workers, nursing assistants, registered and licensed vocational nurses, mental health clinicians, clerical workers, and many others our hospitals depend on to provide quality care. “Every industrialized country in the world provides quality health care, to more people, for far less cost than the United States,” said NUHW President Sal Rosselli. “Mike Levin knows we can do better, much better, and we are proud to endorse him for Congress.”

“I am deeply honored that the people who have dedicated their lives to providing quality health care for all Americans have come together to support me,” responded Levin. “Although they may have different opinions on the path forward, they share the same destination as their goal – a future where all are covered and where no one faces financial ruin due to a medical condition or emergency.”


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