Diane Harkey.  An extremist on immigration.

Proposed State Immigration Police Force. Supported enacting bill modeled on Arizona’s SB1070.

Congressional candidate Diane Harkey has repeatedly proven herself to be on the radical fringe in the nation’s immigration debate.

A clear indication of Harkey’s positions involves her work in 2005 to create a clearly unconstitutional California State Border Police agency.

Harkey not only Co-Chaired the campaign to qualify this measure for the 2006 ballot, she contributed $40,000 towards the unsuccessful signature gathering campaign, and made her support of it the centerpiece of her failed 2006 State Senate campaign.

(“Diane Harkey named co-chair of California Border Police Initiative”. Harkey for State Senate Press Release, 11/2/05;  www.ocregister.com/2006/04/04/illegal-immigration-rules-the-state-senate-race/)

The proposed initiative would have established a state immigration police force of up to 3,000 sworn officers at a cost of up to $300 million a year with broad power to stop and detain suspected undocumented immigrants. The initiative provided no funding mechanism, simply requiring the Governor declare an emergency and shift the needed funds from other state priorities.

Opponents argued that the initiative was clearly unconstitutional because states do not have the authority to set immigration policy.  Furthermore, the initiative would have led to racial profiling and permitted state immigration roundups throughout the state, not just at the border.  It would have interfered in the work of local law enforcement agencies that count on the trust and cooperation of all residents to prevent and solve crime.

Harkey’s radical positions did not mellow over time.   On April 4, 2011 she and a handful of other immigration extremists, held a rally on the State Capitol steps demanding passage of AB26 (Secure Immigration Enforcement Act).  Authored by fringe Assemblymember Tim Donnelly, AB26 was “substantially identical” to Arizona’s highly controversial SB1070, the bill which provoked mass boycotts, nationwide protests and was largely struck in the courts. The Assembly Judiciary Committee’s analysis of the legislation called it “unnecessary, unconstitutional and unwise.”

The Orange County Register in a 4/6/11 editorial stated:

This was an act of symbolism, and something that will further enhance the image of Republicans as being hostile to Mexican immigration. This won’t help the party as it seeks to broaden its diminishing voter base. If anything, the legislation showed the GOP members, including the Orange County Assembly members on hand for the rally, Allan Mansoor, Diane Harkey and Don Wagner, to be politically tone deaf.

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Joe · June 20, 2018 at 12:33 am

Vote Blue

Scorpiops · June 26, 2018 at 4:00 am

She sounds like a ghoul, both figuratively but also kind of literally.

Ian · July 4, 2018 at 9:46 pm

I hate racists and bigots so much. I don’t know if she and other trumpers realize this, but if they got what they wanted and ALL the undocumented immigrants were sent back, there would be no one to cook meals, clean their house, mow their lawn, etc. People like Diane Harkey are the exact problem of this country. Vote Mike Levin!

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