CA-49 Democrat Mike Levin Raises $1,060,000 In Q2 From Over 71,000 Donors


Contact: Parke Skelton (626) 535-9616

California 49th Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Levin has raised a commanding $1.06 million in the three months between 4/1/18 and 6/30/18. The contributions came from over 71,000 individual donors.

Levin, who advanced to the November runoff in CD49 against Republican Diane Harkey, has now raised $2.6 million for his campaign and has accumulated more than 100,000 mostly small individual donors.

“I want to profusely thank the tens of thousands of concerned Americans who are stepping up to help flip the 49th and return common sense governance to the United States Congress,” stated Mike Levin.  “The outpouring of support is truly breathtaking. The level of activism and involvement in not only my campaign but in critical swing districts across the nation renews my faith in American values and our common resolve.

Levin’s successful primary campaign was powered by grassroots activism. In addition to his massive small donor base, Levin assembled and impressive army of in-district volunteers who scoured the precincts of CD49 for 14 months.

Recently, Levin released polling that shows him beginning the general election with a 3% lead over his Republican opponent. “The race will be close, be we have built the campaign to win,” said Levin’s consultant Parke Skelton. “This critical contest will go to the team that can harness enthusiasm to identify and turn out voters. No one will out-work Mike Levin.”

The 49th District, including portions of northern San Diego and southern Orange counties, is universally regarded as one of the most competitive in the nation and a bellwether for efforts to place a Congressional check on the policies of the Donald Trump administration.

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