For the last decade, I have been involved in the clean energy industry as an attorney and non-profit founder and director, and I will be a champion in Washington on issues of sustainability and climate change and their impact on our economy, health, and security.  I want to put our district at the forefront of clean energy economic growth.  I am honored that our campaign has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters.

I feel that a transition to a sustainable energy future is imperative, due to both our depleting natural resources and the environmental impact of fossil fuel use and extraction.  The question is whether Americans will be using clean energy technologies developed and manufactured in Asia and Europe, or whether our federal government will spur clean energy innovation to help America lead in this rapidly-growing industry.

I believe strongly in the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is driven by human activity.  I will be an outspoken opponent of any and all efforts by the Trump Administration to undermine our global leadership on climate and sustainable energy policy issues.  I already have been greatly disturbed by Trump’s efforts to undermine environmental protections to aid the fossil fuel industry.

In order to reduce carbon emissions, I believe we must consider several ideas, including a “revenue-neutral carbon tax” that would impose a price on carbon dioxide, which would be matched dollar for dollar with corresponding cuts of existing taxes.  We must also continue to explore cap-and-trade policies to reduce emissions, which have been proven to be largely effective when implemented in California and at the federal level.

We must ensure a long-term solution to securely move and store hazardous waste at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  I believe that we must address the short-term issues related to canister safety and explore federal legislation to allow states like California to set stricter nuclear waste safety standards than those mandated by the federal government.  We must also get nuclear waste off the California coast as quickly and safely as possible, which means exploration of interim and permanent storage sites.  I will work with community leaders to help solve this problem and won’t need on-the-job training to make it happen.

I believe that we must transition from fossil-fuel based power production to sustainable, renewable alternatives, particularly in our district.  In the December 22, 2016 San Diego Union-Tribune, I criticized the proposed Carlsbad Energy Center, noting that it “runs counter to the energy-use practices that Californians are adopting in terms of clean distributed power generation combined with investments in energy efficiency.”  Accordingly, I believe that we must empower our local communities to choose their own clean energy procurement and production decisions.

Finally, we must end subsidies to oil and fossil fuel companies, including any direct funding or tax giveaways that rig the game in favor of fossil fuels compared to more sustainable energy sources.

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